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About Andrew

Andrew Mukuye, An African male naturate when it comes to Creative & Computer graphic media Art. Although he went for graphic Design in his schooling he really took off outside the classroom more than inside the classroom, With graphic knowledge in his background, Andrew immediately began to work as junior graphic designer at different designer shops around Uganda and South Sudan. 2 years later, he moved to Dubai to proceed his dream to be a graphic artist, he also did some side jobs like CCTV operator and now since November 2018 where it inspired him to do some of his more well known works like ”Life behind the screen”. He later worked as a Game Master at Escapology Sharjah , At this place was here he really put most of 3D rendering to work making one of a kind structures for both Escapology and a Major Entertainment company in Sharjah called Golf And Shooting Club as well as creating different graphics and multimedia designs,On his spare time he volunteered and contributed to local CBO in Kikandwa-Uganda by helping them collect info , organize, create and put up there first website.Kikandwa Environmental Association, He volunteers remotely for this Organization as a techincal staff.

His current role as designer includes creating designs under his own new unique brand “Andrew Mukuye Designs” (AM DESIGNS) which emphasizes on exploring ideas, including revamping and moving to a digital world of design. His work has been displayed in an international level. Both in his country of Origin (Uganda),South Sudan and the United Arab Emirates. Andrew was born and raised in Kampala - Uganda where he is seen as a local celebrity.

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Our Services

Print Design

Creating professionally designed brochures, catalogs and other print designs. An inexpensive and easy way to promote your company and present information.

3D Design

A 3D design offers a lot of flexibility, and we can work with you to create a real inspirations that fits with your brand and builds on a directive style and message.

Social Media Ads

A business of quality with big aspirations needs a advertisement to match. That is why at AM Designs we only deliver to highest standard.

Logo Design and Branding

Unique and Original Logo Design that future your company needs for low cost value.


Give your stationery and business cards a more professional look and help differentiate your company identity with the help of our high-quality designs

Collective Design Packages

We offer discounts to clients that use Us for multiple material, let say you want a logo and some print design we can cover all that at low prices to give you the best visual communication conveyed information to your business.

Our Works


"Used many companies in the past but this is my favorite by far as it a fast and reliable company. They never take a larger load than they can't deliver. Very responsive to changes."

- James Weaver - Manager Escapology

"I had a great experience working with them! Very attentive to my needs and prompt with design iterations. Highly recommended!"

-Fatima Zahra - Fashion Blogger

"I really appreciate the quick text response from Andrew, my Designer and now colleague. Even if it was just a small "Got it, Thanks!" reply, it left the 'wonder' out of the equation and made me feel that he was on it. ."

- Em Paragas - Client

"AM and his team have gone above and beyond with all my print design projects. Their professionalism and design skills are excellent. I highly recommend."

- Biki Deshar - Client

"It was a pleasure working with this Andrew Mukuye Designs. I'm very happy with the final result and I will likely have additional projects for them!."

- Ramona Bets - KEA

"They made my fantastic logo. They were available and very efficient.I will work with them often and so should you choose them"

- Andre - Client

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